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We develop turnkey websites for coffee shops and restaurants​

From simple business cards to complex systems with table reservations and loyalty programs

Everything to make life easier for restaurant owners and help increase the revenue of establishments

Making life easier for restaurant owners

We use scalable technologies, take care of the entire process, and keep up to date with the development process

Let's develop a user-friendly website

Let's write it on WordPress — it's a simple and reliable engine that is easy to maintain and add new functionality to it

Design according to the corporate style of the institution

So that everything was within the same concept, and customers came to the site with the thought: "Aha, this is the same restaurant!"

We'll take care of all the small tasks

We'll buy a domain ourselves, upload products to the site, and set up integrations. From you — only answers to questions and materials for the site

1 year warranty

We'll fix the site if something goes wrong

Cool places,
who we worked with

Помогли уже 40+ клиентам: сделали сайт, настроили доставку и бронирование столиков. Работаем только в этой нише, поэтому знаем, как решать проблемы ресторанов и кафе

Cool places,
who we worked with

Помогли уже 40+ клиентам: сделали сайт, настроили доставку и бронирование столиков. Работаем только в этой нише, поэтому знаем, как решать проблемы ресторанов и кафе

We'll add the functionality you need — just tell us

Table reservations

Use your own service or enable a third-party service — such as Smart Reserve. Customers will be able to book tables directly on the website

Any non-standard functionality

Tell us what task you are facing — we will write a solution from scratch, if there are no ready ones.

Mobile app for order management

Let's set up integration with the mobile app to track and manage orders from the site

Online acquiring services

Ability to pay for products directly on the site. For example, order delivery

Loyalty programs
and automation

Let's set up integration with systems like Loona and IIKO to automate processes and grow the restaurant


We'll set up analytics on the site for free to get statistics and configure ads

Tech support

We will maintain the site after delivery or write instructions

Let's take the technical support of the site, so that everything works as it should, and you are only engaged in the development of the institution. Tell us and we'll help you.

Creating new sections on the site

We will create and add new sections with menus, a gallery with photos, or a page for corporate clients to the site — whatever you need

Changing existing pages

Change the text or image on the page, add products, and fix errors

Protecting your site from viruses and keeping backups

We run a full virus scan every day and make backups to restore the site to its previous state if something goes wrong.

Fixing technical problems

If something breaks — we'll fix it within a day

We can still do a lot of useful things

PR promotion

We form a strategy, create press releases, and build relationships with the media and bloggers

Online advertising

We launch contextual and targeted advertising, and work on SEO promotion


We launch effective work with social networks, build a strategy, and write unique content


We do everything: graphic and motion design, presentations, identity and branding


We research the market and competitors, the needs of the target audience, and create a promotion strategy

Product issues

We launch delivery services and help you open a restaurant. We can take all the tasks on a turnkey basis

Why us and not another agency or freelancers

We develop websites specifically for public catering companies

We know the pitfalls and frequent problems of restaurants and cafes, and we have already solved many similar problems. We don't need to explain the specifics of your field. We launched websites for 30+ establishments.

Помогаем со смежными процессами

We will set up advertising, launch effective work with social networks, develop a corporate identity, and start PR-promotion. Tell us what you need help with, and we'll help you.

We work according to the established processes

The team consists of developers, designers, and project managers. All processes are described, and solutions for typical tasks are known — We'll quickly find a ready-made solution or find one of our own.

Let's write a solution for non-standard tasks

If there is no ready — made solution, we will simply write everything from scratch. Your bank doesn't have an online acquiring solution? Let's do our own thing!

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